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    If you suspect a colleague is trying to sink your career, here’s what you’ll want to do.


    Don't assume bad intentions.


    "I believe that we should be extremely careful and never assume badintentions from the start," says Alexander Kjerulf, an international author and speaker on happiness at work. "If that co-worker is ignoring you, he could be sabotaging you–or maybe he’s just really busy or he’s having a bad day".

    “我覺得一開始我們需要十分謹慎,不要用惡意揣測任何人!毖芯抗ぷ髦行腋5氖澜缂壸骷已葜v人Alexander Kjerulf如此說道!叭绻莻同事忽視你,有可能是在怠慢你-或只是他正好很忙或者心情不好罷了。"

    Give people the benefit of the doubt. If we all run around mistrusting others, we end up creating a miserably unhappy business culture. You’ll want to be absolutely sure that your colleague is trying to hurt your career before you go any further.


    Be alert.


    If curious things are happening at work—like you didn’t get that raise you were promised or colleagues start acting differently around you—you’ll want to think about whether someone might be out to get you (or your job).


    "Sabotage is usually a calculated, strategic methodology," says David Parnell, a legal consultant, communication coach and author. "Gossip, an evolved method of safely leveling the power of alpha leaders, is usually the weapon of choice for a saboteur. Unfortunately, due to unwritten social contracts in the workplace, the subjects of gossip are usually the last to hear it. So if sabotage is at your doorstep and you’re not actively looking, you can easily miss it. The best way to remedy this is to set your radar for signs of you-centric gossip."

    ”陰謀通常都是算計好有策略的計劃!胺深檰,交流教練和作家David Parnell說!卑素,融入領導圈衡量能力的安全方法,同時也是攪局者常用武器。不幸的是,工作環境中沒有寫出來的一些社交合同,被八卦的人往往都是最后一個知道的。所以如果你感覺到了八卦的氣息,也不是很感興趣,那就忽視吧。最好的補救方式莫過于給你自己的八卦中心設立雷達訊號。

    Confide in a co-worker.


    "Talk to some co-workers you trust," Kjerulf says. Without vilifying the co-worker you think is trying to harm your career, explain how you see things and ask for their opinion. "Maybe you’re completely off base and hopefully they’d be able to tell you so". Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio, a career coach and co-founder of SixFigureStart, agrees. "Having an objective ear is vital here."

    Kjerulf說“和那些你信任的同事分享秘密!眲e背后中傷你覺得會妨礙你事業的同事,不妨跟你信任的同事說說你看待事物的方式問問他們的意見!耙苍S你完全亂了陣腳,希望他們告訴你如何是好!甭殬I訓練師,SixFigureStart的合伙人Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio說道“有個客觀的聽眾顯得格外重要!

    Take notes.


    Keep notes on what is happening so things are clear, in case you end up talking to your boss or HR about the situation, Thanasoulis-Cerrachio says. Also save all related e-mails.


    Confront the culprit.


    Once you’ve discovered that you are a target, consider yourself warned and take action to mitigate any damages, Parnell says. "One of the best ways to protect yourself is ingratiation. Guilt, empathy and sympathy are powerful motivators and the most direct way to extract them is by befriending your saboteur and gaining a position within their camp. While on the face this may seem weak, some of the most powerful nations in the world use this very method to infiltrate and overcome an enemy." In the words of Michael Corleone, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

    一旦發現你成為了目標,要讓自己警惕起來,免于任何的傷害。Parnell說“保護自己的最好方式就是討好。負罪感,同理心和同情心是強有力的推動器,也是和攪局者成為朋友的最直接方式,能在他們的陣營中獲得一席之地。也許面子上看有點弱勢,但世界上最強大得國家莫不是用這個方法來滲透戰勝了敵人!庇肕ichael Corleone的話來說,“和朋友保持親密,和敵人更加親密!

    Don't sabotage the saboteur.


    If you suspect someone is trying to sabotage your career, be the bigger person. "Don’t be that person who sabotages others," Kjerulf says. "Make it a priority to be there for your co-workers, to always be willing to help, to offer advice and to help them do better work and have more fun on the job—no matter how they treat you. If we all go in with that attitude, we’ll create much happier and more profitable companies."


    Take it to your manager or HR.


    If all else fails and you’re not able to resolve the issue on your own, take it to your manager or Human Resources department.


    Keep your options open.


    If a situation is toxic and isn’t improving, perhaps you shouldn’t be there. "A smart person always has an updated resume and is always networking to find better positions," Thanasoulis-Cerrachio says.


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