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    翻譯時訊 翻譯資源
    外語學習 名篇佳作
    地址: 咸陽市秦都區團結路國潤翠湖西門5-2-802室
    郵編: 712000
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    郵箱: xyarbor@xyarbor.com
    網址: http://www.kngkw.com
    上一條: 去經歷去體驗 做最好最真實的自己 下一條: 始終保持恒久自我絕對永不輕易放棄

    In this life, what did you miss?


    The wife asked the husband when she was 25. Despondently, the husband replied: 'I missed a new job opportunity.'


    When she was 35, the husband angrily told her that he had just missed the bus.


    At 45, the husband sadly said: 'I missed the oppotunity seeing my closed relative before his last breath.'


    At 55, the husband said disappointingly: 'I missed a good chance to retire.'


    At 65, the husband hurriedly replied: 'I missed a dental appointment.'


    At 75, the wife did not ask the husband anymore, the husband was kneeling in front of the very sick wife. Remembering the question the wife used to ask him, this time he asked the wife the same question. The wife, with a smile and peaceful look, replied: 'In this life, I did not miss having you!'


    The husband was full of tears. He always thought that they could be together forever. He was always busy with work and trifles. So much so he had never been thoughtful to his wife. The husband hugged the wife tightly and said: 'Over 50 years, how I had allowed myself to miss your deep love for me.'


    In the busy city life, there are many people who are always busy with work. These people revolve their lives around their jobs, these people sacrifice all their times and health to meet the social expectations. They are unwilling to spend times on health care. They miss the opportunity to be with their children in their growing up. They neglect the loved ones who care for them, and also their health.


    Nobody knows what is going to happen one year from now.


    Life is not permanent, so always live in the now. Express your gratitude to your loved ones in words. Show your care with actions. Treat everyday as the last episode of life. In this way, when you are gone, you loved ones would have nothing to feel sorry about.


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    上一條: 去經歷去體驗 做最好最真實的自己 下一條: 始終保持恒久自我絕對永不輕易放棄
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